Hampton Bay HBLG5200EY3 Air Conditioner Remote

Here are the part numbers for the different Hampton Bay HBLG5200EY3 air conditioning remote controls:

  • For Mini Split air conditioners and normal air conditioners:¬† ANDERIC KTN828 for Mini Split and A/ C (Substitute for 6711A90019B Remote Control)
  • Hampton-Bay 6711A90019B

There is a third party remote available below for the following Hampton Bay models of air conditioner. Please note, as mentioned this is a third party remote. That means that it does not come from the actual manufacturer. We cannot guarantee it will work with your air conditioner, however if your AC model is mentioned in the below compatibility list, it means that it should work with your Hampton Bay air conditioner. If you are not sure of which air conditioner unit you have or if this is your model number or not, you can refer to our guide on how to identify the model number on your air conditioner. If you have a problem with your first party product from Hampton Bay, feel free to post a comment about this. There is nothing more frustrating then losing the remote to your air conditioning unit, so we’re here to help you source a replacement!

Hampton Bay HBLG5200EY3 Air Conditioner Remote Compatibility

  • HBLG8003R
  • HBLG5200EA4
  • HBLG5200EY3
  • HBLG1003R
  • 6711A20035A
  • 6711A20056D AC Air Conditioner

Replacement Remote Control For Hampton Bay HBLG8003R Air Conditioner

No programming needed for this remote. Just put the new batteries in it and you’re good to go! Batteries needed are Triple A (AAA), and two are needed. This is not the original model remote but it is a universal remote control replacement for Hampton Bay air conditioners, for the models listed above in the compatibility chart.

For additional information you can also consult the Hampton-Bay HBLG5200EY3 Operating Manual. This manual has additional instructions that may prove useful, depending upon your situation.


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