Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

Are you looking for a replacement Ceiling Fan Remote Control? There’s nothing more frustrating when that remote falls between the couch cushions, or becomes lost completely! Obviously, you’re looking for a ceiling fan replacement remote for one of the following reasons:

  1. The ceiling fan remote control has been lost and needs replacement
  2. Your ceiling fan remote control is not functioning properly, and you’ve already tried going through troubleshooting guides to diagnose the problem to no avail.

If you haven’t tried the troubleshooting yet, we recommend you try that first. It would be even more of an annoyance to order a brand new remote, only to find that when you go to program the new one, the old one just needed a dip switch setting changed (or something similarly simple). Spending a few minutes troubleshooting your existing remote is an excellent way to determine that in fact, the issue is with the remote, and not with something else e.g the fan’s receiver. If the problem is with the ceiling fan, buying a new remote won’t fix the problem and you’ll be back to square one. So be sure to troubleshoot first.

With all of that being said, the most popular ceiling fan remotes that site visitors look for are the following:

Compatible Ceiling Fan Universal Remote Controls

This is a Breeze Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Remote. It’s tricky, because you think it’s for a Harbor Breeze fan…but it’s not. It’s not the original manufacturer. Be careful of knock-offs and imitations like this, in your search for a replacement remote.

Below we have replacement universal ceiling fan remote controls. Something that’s important to keep in mind: buy a universal ceiling fan remote that matches up to your manufacturer. Also, be careful of knock-offs and imitations. For example, when looking around online you may find a “Breeze Bay universal remote control” this is an imitation and not a real Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote. So be extra careful of these imitations online. Don’t buy third party brands, try to get the first party e.g  purchase a Hunter universal remote control for a Hunter ceiling fan.

This replacement remote is a little bit pricey. Of course, this price can change based on market conditions. At the time of this writing, this remote is also not available. The battery included though is a lithium ion battery, so it’s likely that the price tag being a little higher is because of the battery. You don’t need to replace the batteries in this remote with alkaline AA or AAA batteries, or rechargeable batteries. Almost assuredly, the lithium ion battery is what makes up a lot of the price tag.

Harbor Breeze Handheld Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

This remote from Harbor Breeze has a range of up to 20 feet. It has some cool features, like HomeShield. HomeShield is a security precaution, it will turn off lights off while you’re not there – so as to reduce energy waste. The remote also features “SmartSync,” which means no programming is needed and interference is eliminated. Batteries are included with the remote.