Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Remotes

Trying to figure out what remote will work with your existing Hampton Bay ceiling fan? Have you spent a lot of time trying to figure this out, only to come up blank? There’s a few places you can check. If the below is unhelpful, then it may be time to look for a universal remote. So, how can you determine what remote will work with your ceiling fan?

  • Check the manual that came with the ceiling fan. If you no longer have the manual, you may be able to find it online via searching for the model of your ceiling fan and then “ceiling fan manual” after the model.
  • You may be able to find help on a community related forum
  • If you have no idea what model of ceiling fan you have, then this article may help you to figure out what ceiling fan model you have.


Universal Non Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote


This is one of those remotes you need to be careful about – one of the knock off varieties. Although it’s compatible with Hampton Bay ceiling fans (or claims to be), it’s not actually produced by Hampton Bay. So you have to be careful if you purchase one of these – will they actually work with your fan? You do stand a better chance of having a compatible remote when you purchase a first party remote. This applies to all brands of ceiling fans – and likely to many other appliances in the home, too.





If all of this fails and you don’t know what remote will work with your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan, it’s a good idea to move onto purchasing a universal remote. Buying a Hampton Bay universal remote provides a good chance that it’ll work with your Hampton Bay fan. Note: Don’t buy a remote from another manufacturer, and be very careful when purchasing that the remote is indeed from Hampton Bay. For example, the title might say Hampton Bay, but if you look at the manufacturer of the remote, you want to confirm it is indeed Hampton Bay. You have about an 80 to 85 percent chance that a Hampton Bay universal remote will work with a Hampton Bay fan.

Hampton Bay Pullchains
If you have a pretty old Hampton Bay fan model, it may only have a pull chain and no receiver. If the fan never worked with a remote, and can only be operated by a pull chain, then chances are it has no receiver. You can take a look at the manual that came with the fan to verify, or open the housing a look inside.

What if I have a very old Hampton Bay ceiling fan?

Typically the cut off point for a universal remote is five years. So if you have a ceiling fan that was made pre 2015, it may not work with a universal Hampton Bay remote. This is the thing you want to keep in mind. Furthermore, if your ceiling fan is pull chain only, then it physically does not have a receiver to be programmed with a remote. You can buy as many remotes as you want, but if your fan physically lacks the required hardware that allows it to communicate wirelessly with a remote, you’re likely stuck. In that kind of situation, you need to install a receiver. If you find yourself in that boat – maybe you’ve got an older fan, which uses pull chains only – try taking a look at a smart WIFI ceiling fan receiver kit. As long as you’ve got WIFI in your home (and most people do these days), you can install a receiver kit into your ceiling fan to turn it into a fan that is compatible with a phone app. The benefit of this is you can then control your fan with your phone. In this way, you don’t need to worry about remotes, batteries, programming, or etc. Just install the smart Wi-Fi receiver, and download the app onto your phone. And you’re off to the races!

Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Reviews


Hampton Bay Premier Universal Ceiling Fan Remote

Worth noting:

  • Remote can control fan speed as well as light kit. There is also dimming options
  • Compatible with incandescent, LED, and CFL light bulbs
  • Compatible with most ceiling fan brands including Hampton Bay, Hunter, and others
  • Compatible with most downrod style ceiling fans, but will not work with hugger style fans
  • $40 USD price point – not a terrible price, but not as cost conscious as some of the other remotes available on the market