Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Controls

On this page we assist with troubleshooting your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control. This article focuses on the most common issues with your Harbor Breeze remote and how to troubleshoot, and diagnose the issue. If it is determined that you need to replace the remote, you can replace it with a universal remote which is much less costly.

If your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote is not working, the most common problem is the batteries have died. Replace the batteries. If that does not work, you need to re-sync the remote to the receiver. In order to do this, you will want to use the “learn button.” The learn button is located on the back of the remote control. Generally it is near or beside where the battery compartment is. To find it, remove the back cover (generally where the batteries go). Use the learn button to sync the remote to your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan.

Ceiling Fan Dipswitch
Dipswitches are used inside of a ceiling fan remote, as well as the receiver to set the frequency that the remote and the receiver use to communicate to each other. An IR frequency is used. If the remote and the receiver aren’t set to the same frequency, the remote will never talk to the receiver.

Instead of using dipswitches, newer Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans use a learn button instead. Older style fans and remotes have multiple dip switches. With newer remotes, only one dip switch is utilized or available on the remote.  If the dip switch is set to a setting of 0, any ceiling fan will work with the remote within range – which is 40 feet. This is useful if you have multiple fans in the home and wish to control them all with the same remote.

However, keep in mind that if the fans are close together, or within 40 feet of each other, it’s very possible that you’ll give both of your fans instructions, even if you only mean to communicate with one. This also means if you live in an apartment setting or shared accommodation, and your neighbor has a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan, it’s possible that your neighbor may accidentally control your fan, too. Sometimes site visitors think they have a ghost or apparition in their home, when really it’s just misconfigured dipswitches.

If you set the dipswitch to 1 and press Learn on the Harbor Breeze Remote Control, the remote control will search through and find unique codes that work specifically for this remote and for the closest fan. Make sure all other fans are turned off. If they’re not, then they will also be programmed with the same unique code. This means they both will get turned off or on when the remote is pressed (as mentioned above).

If you have multiple ceiling fans in the home, then most within range of the next fan. Switch off all other ceiling fans in the home. With the second remote, repeat the same procedure using the learn button, and so on. Each time you repeat this procedure, the remote will “learn” the unique code needed for each fan. You can do this unlimited times, as long as you’re within range (40 feet).

What if I still cannot get my Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote to work?

If you still cannot get your remote to communicate with the fan, then the next step is to try the reset button. Turn the power off to the fan, then push the reset button (same thing as the learn button). Hold down the learn button until the light comes back on. The speed of the ceiling fan should also turn on to medium speed.
Finally, if you’re still having trouble, we can recommend this guide which is more in-depth in terms of troubleshooting a ceiling fan remote. The top three things to check always are batteries as number one, dipswitches, and then if that does not work out, try a universal remote (if applicable). If nothing works out, it may be time to replace the remote and the receiver. Many universal remote kits come with a receiver too. You can open up the canopy of your fan and install a new receiver, without having to take the fan down from the ceiling. Just make sure you turn off the power to the fan before you start touching the wires, and disconnecting them from the old receiver in order to plug them into the new receiver. This page has excellent instructions on how to expose the canopy, and wire in a new ceiling fan receiver. It’s actually quite easy. Take a look at the video there, we’re sure it will be helpful as well!


Price: At time of this writing in 2021, $65.99 USD

Here is a universal remote control kit from Harbor Breeze, that comes with a receiver also. The packaging says that it comes with a smaller receiver, which is supposed to make installation easier. This is actually from the Harbor Breeze brand. We do endeavor to provide remote and replacement receiver kits that are actually from the first party manufacturer. Please let us know when you purchase this, how it works out in terms of compatibility with your ceiling fan. We are a third party website only, and we can’t test compatibility with every Harbor Breeze fan out there. That being said, this universal Harbor Breeze remote and receiver kit should work with your fan if it is indeed a Harbor Breeze fan.