Hunter Ceiling Fan Remotes

Did you lose your Hunter ceiling fan remote – there’s nothing worse in the world, right? If your Hunter handheld remote control will not work, then you simply can’t control your fan. Of course, if your fan has pullchains, then you can still control the fan. But who wants to do that, right? You want to be able to lay in bed – or on the couch – and turn the fan on and off, right?

You’re likely here looking for a replacement Hunter handheld ceiling fan because you’ve misplaced yours, it’s not working, or you need to purchase a new one for other reasons. If you’re not sure why your remote isn’t working, change the batteries first, and check the dip switches. If you still need additional help troubleshooting the remote, see our Hunter remote control troubleshooting guide on why your Hunter ceiling fan remote will not work properly.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Remote is not working

If your Hunter ceiling fan remote is not working, the basic steps to try are generally the same. First, try changing the batteries. Often this resolves the remote not communicating as the batteries have run out of power. You could consider rechargeable batteries also so that you aren’t spending money on them all the time. If that does not work, look inside of the battery compartment for the dipswitches and make sure they are set properly. The dip switch combination inside of the remote needs to match the one on the receiver, inside of the fan. If the dip switches have been changed recently, or the remote has been smashed or broken, and the dip switches are out of place, this can explain the behavior also.

Ceiling fan dipswitch
Ceiling fans and their remotes communicate over IR frequency. The IR frequency they use, is dictated by the dipswitches. If the dipswitch setting is not the same on both the fan receiver and the remote, they will never communicate with each other. It is less likely for the dipswitch setting to change inside of the fan’s receiver, then it is inside the remote.

This is an excellent video that shows you how to program your Harbor Breeze remote control using dipswitches.

I’ve already troubleshot my Hunter Handheld Ceiling Fan Remote and I know I need a new one.

If this above statement justifies why you’ve landed here on our website, then don’t worry – we can help. Below we’ve assembled product listings that you can purchase, to replace your Hunter ceiling fan remote. Please note that we are not the original manufacturer of Hunter ceiling fans, nor Hunter remote controls, and we don’t claim to be the original manufacturer. For warranty issues, or to get in touch with Hunter you can find the correct contact information you need here.

The Hunter Handheld Universal Ceiling Fan Remote is a modern remote. It can match up to any decor that you have in the home, whether it’s a current or modern theme or whether it’s something else entirely. This remote, like many remotes has 3 buttons. You can quickly turn the fan on and off, with an instant on or off function.

One thing to note that many site visitors don’t anticipate, is that the Hunter Handheld Universal Ceiling Fan Remote will allow you to use diming capabilities. As long as the light kit or bulb you have installed can do dimming, this function will work.

Excellent compatibility with other brands of Ceiling Fans

The Hunter Handheld Universal Ceiling Fan Remote is compatible with all brands of ceiling fans. This is super useful when looking for a remote for a fan, whether it’s a Hunter ceiling fan or some other brand. Finding a remote that’s compatible with just about anything isn’t always easy. As long as your fan and bulbs support dimming options, you’ll also be able to adjust ambiance with dimming options.

The Hunter Handheld Universal Fan Remote works at a range up to 75 feet.

Hunter replacement remote and receiver kit
Universal Hunter ceiling fan remote control and receiver kit

Here we have a replacement universal ceiling fan remote control kit. This works for Hunter ceiling fans – it works with most fans, about 95% according to the manufacturer. This kit is straightforward to install and comes with a manual that explains how. This is a three speed kit. If there is any problem with this remote control and kit, such as it does not work, the manufacturer advises they’ll provide a 30 day return window. This Hunter replacement remote and receiver kit works with 99122, 99123 and 99600 models of fan remotes.