Universal Ceiling Fan Wall Control

Having a wall control can be advantageous, depending upon your situation. If you’ve had to replace your remote before and replacing it becomes a common thing that you find yourself doing (even if it’s more then once or twice), then you may want to consider a universal ceiling fan wall control instead. Why, you may ask? Well, the simple reason is the remote is attached to the wall. Although it’s a simple answer, there does not need to be one that’s more advanced then that. Now, with that being said, there’s some fans that you can’t use a remote control with. Furthermore, there are fans that you can only use pull chains. Reaching up to grab the pull chains all the time would be a complete pain in the neck (or other places), so using the wall control is a lot easier. Especially for those of us who are shorter!

Dimmable CFL, incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs can be dimmed when you have a universal ceiling fan wall control that is capable of dimming. Hunter’s universal wall control, as an example is a good product to bring up. These wall controls can work up to a 75 foot range. They are very compatible with most brands of ceiling fans out there, so a good choice. These wall remotes will work with fans that have motors of up to 1 amp. The Hunter universal wall control works with Hunter and Casablanca ceiling fans, but does not apply to the Hunter Original line of ceiling fans. Keep this in mind if you have a Hunter original.

Why would I want a wall control as opposed to a remote control?

Well, there’s a few ways to answer this question. The first way to look at it, is you may want to have a wall control in addition to a remote control. If your remote gets lost, having the wall control as a backup may be a good choice. With that being said, if you have an older fan, a remote control may also not be an option, too. If this happens, and you find yourself in this boat, you can also consider converting your ceiling fan to a smart WIFI ceiling fan via installing a WIFI receiver into the fan. This can breathe new life into your fan or other appliances, so that devices that could not be controlled with a remote previously can now be controlled. Best of all, the WIFI receivers can be operated from a smart phone. So you don’t even need to fiddle with a remote or with batteries whatsoever.

How do I connect or wire in a wall control?

Great question. Installing the wall control should be covered in the manual that comes with the wall control. However, if you haven’t had any luck with that at all, or perhaps the wall control you’ve purchased seems to be lacking any instructions in terms of installation, you can refer to our generic wiring guide which provides additional details such as wiring colors, schematics and diagrams. This is based on the concept that you feel comfortable installing the wall control. If you don’t feel comfortable, it may be a better idea to reach out to a licensed electrician. Note: Any time you are doing any kind of wiring work, make sure you always turn off the power at the breaker. This will stop you from getting a severe shock!

How to install a 3 speed wall switch

Below we have a video which should assist, if you want a step by step on how to install a three speed wall switch. This video is pretty straightforward, and the creator turns off the power to the breaker at the beginning – so important! He goes over the wiring colors, and you can see the finished product when he’s done also.