Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Remotes

Westinghouse is one of the most prominent brands that has established its name in the market for high-quality ceiling fans. These fan remotes can be paired with almost all types of fans. You need to choose the ideal remote that will go well with your ceiling fan setting.

If you do not have a light set-up on your ceiling fan, then it is not necessary for you to get a fan with lights to enable it with the remote. You can prefer not to use the light control and just use the speed control of the fan on that remote. Similarly, there are 9 variants of Westinghouse ceiling fan remotes available over their official site for you to choose from.

Follow this article till the end to learn more about these Westinghouse remotes and their efficacies in helping you control your ceiling fan at the comfort of your couch or bed.

Variable Features of Westinghouse Remotes

The features of all Westinghouse ceiling fan remotes vary from one another. It is because different types of fans need a different set of controllers. Apart from that, user satisfaction is also a point of concern. Therefore, among all the remote controllers over the site, you will also find a couple of stylish wall controllers.

All the remote controllers available with Westinghouse are enabled for both fan and light control. The common control features that you get in all of their remotes include three fan speeds and light dimmer. Some Westinghouse ceiling fan remotes and a couple of wall remotes might offer you 4-speed regulator controls for specific fans.

Apart from that, some of the features that you get to select, depending upon your ceiling fan or preferences, include:

  1. Dimmable selector switch
  2. Thermostat
  3. Backlit display panel
  4. Four fan speed control
  5. Light on/off control
  6. Desirable color

Different remote controllers of Westinghouse make use of two types of batteries, such as 9-volt batteries and AAA batteries (2 & 4 nos). These controllers can handle fans ranging from 0.8amp to 1.25amp. They can also handle a light fixture of a maximum of 190 watts on the ceiling fans. You get wall brackets with each remote controller to place it at an accessible place in the room you use the most.

As stated above, most of the Westinghouse ceiling fan remote replacement options are pairable with all types of ceiling fans. All you need to do is wire the receiver of your remote control with the fan. And then, the controller can communicate with the ceiling fan easily for around 40 feet or any designated range that might vary from remote to remote. Hence, you can easily opt for replacement Westinghouse ceiling fan remotes.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control

You need to keep in mind that you can install the receiver and enable remote control for your ceiling fan only if it has a down rod. It is because you will have enough space to fit in the receiver over your down rod ceiling fan. But if it has a flush or hugger mount, you might not be able to install them. It is because such fans do not have much space for installing a receiver for remote control within the motor housing.

Enriched Accessibility Perks with Westinghouse Remotes

One of the major advantages of considering a Westinghouse Ceiling Fan remote is that you now have the freedom to control the fan movements without much physical intervention. Westinghouse is not promoting laziness! But indeed, it is for the convenience of the people with mobility issues, such as elderly people or children, who cannot reach out for the switches.

Hence, it adds accessibility for you and your family members to control the ceiling fans at the house without the need for any physical assistance. If you are directly getting the Westinghouse ceiling fans, then you might not have to purchase the remotes separately. You will be getting it with the pack, but the condition is that you should go for the remote ceiling fan options out there.

If you have a ceiling fan at your home with light fixtures, then getting a Westinghouse ceiling fan remote will help you control it right from one single fan controller hub. Without it, you might have to connect a fourth or additional wire from the fan & light fixture to the switchboard for controlling the light without bothering the fan movements. But with a Westinghouse ceiling fan remote programming, you can possibly save a lot of wiring hassle.

If you have a big hall in your house and are willing to install more than one ceiling fan around the space, you can connect them all to one remote to avoid the hassle of turning on/off individual ones. You just need to connect the receiver of the remote through wires with all the fans in a hall. And, that will let you control all the fans through just one Westinghouse ceiling fan remote.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Remote Replacement

You can straight away head to the official website of Westinghouse or check out other e-commerce sites that have their brand products listed over them. You will get the best rates if you go through the official website. But do not miss the chance on any possible discount or sale at various e-commerce sites. Apart from just the remotes, Westinghouse is also proficient and renowned for selling high-quality wireless controlled ceiling fans at the best rates.

Westinghouse offers the best functionality and style statement that fits perfectly for every house. If you are moving into a new house and are looking for the best quality ceiling fans, turn up for Westinghouse at once. Get a new set of ceiling fans that comes with built-in receivers and remotes.

A remote-controlled fan might seem like some form of luxury for individuals. But it is more of a practical choice for adding functionality convenience at homes. The accessibility offered by the inclusion of the Westinghouse ceiling fan remote control is worth the extra money you spend. So, if you are not willing to change your existing ceiling fan to get a remote-embedded one, get a specific remote controller by Westinghouse to serve the purpose.