Reply To: replacement light kit or fitter Part F for my Harbor Breeze Wolcott ceiling fan


Hi Michael,

We’ve looked for parts for the Harbor Breeze Wolcott fan online, but I’m afraid we do not have any good news for you. The Wolcott is featured on Amazon, but it’s unavailable. Furthermore, we aren’t able to locate parts for it at all.

Even in the case that you can’t find a light kit for it (did you try calling major retailers?) , typically we’d be able to say you could buy another Wolcott to replace it. Sometimes the cost of a fan can be $100 or less, and it becomes actually more of a time waste looking for the replacement part then it is to simply replace the fan. However, in this case since the Wolcott is unavailable, we can’t advise you to do that either.

Bit of a pickle there. Good luck!