How to change frequency of ceiling fan remote

How to Change the Frequency of Your Ceiling Fan Remote


A common problem with ceiling fans, is the fan turning off and on on it’s own. You may not even be at home, or in a different room, and when you go to your bedroom (or other) the fan is running. How does this happen? The simple answer: you have two or more ceiling fans in the home, and they’re set to the same frequency. This tends to happen more then you’d think. When your remote control comes from the factory, they come with a frequency that was set at the factory. Generally, a remote has a range of 40 to 50 feet so if you have two fans in the home, and they’re set to the same dip switch frequencies, it’s a simple issue of needing to change the programming or dip switches. This is a more common problem in smaller abodes like an apartment. Did you just purchase a ceiling fan that was selling for a magnificent sale price? Well, maybe your neighbor downstairs or above you bought the same one. Small world, right?

How do I change the frequency on my ceiling fan receiver?


First, you’re going to need the following tools:


    • Ballpoint pen or small screwdriver


    • Regular size driver


    • Ladder




To reduce the chance of shock, switch off the power to the room at the circuit breaker box.

If you don’t know what room is controlled by what circuit, look for the diagram that should be in the breaker box. If you have no diagram, you can try trial and error turning off different breakers until you find the right one. This is not optimal, so if you have to do this, start drawing a diagram as you go as to what switch controls what room / circuit.


Remove screws to detach the fan’s canopy from mounting brackets.


Locate the receiver in order to find the dip switch settings. Don’t know what a dip switch looks like? It looks like sliding buttons. Here is a picture to assist:

What does a dip switch look like?
This is what a dip switch looks like. Generally, for ceiling fan receivers and remotes, you probably won’t have 8 switches. You’ll likely have four. The switch can be toggled up or down – that’s it. Because each switch has 2 potential settings, you’d have 2 to the power of the number of switches to represent possible combinations. In most cases you’ll have 4 switches, so two to the power of four, means 16 possible combinations.


Use a pen, or the small screwdriver to slide the buttons. You want to create a new combination which is unique. Be careful, as this combination that you set has to be mirrored between the remote and the fan’s receiver. Meaning that, you need to make a note or remember the combination so that you can then apply it to the other device. E.G if you create a combination for the receiver, you need to put that same one into the remote. This combination needs to be unique. If you have more then one ceiling fan in the home and set it to the same settings, both fans will come on when you use the remote (if they’re within range).

Put the receiver back into the mounting bracket, attach the canopy to the mounting bracket.

Next, you’ll repeat the steps for applying the dip switch settings to the remote (as mentioned above). On the remote, pull out the battery. In this area, locate the panel that covers the dip switches. If you have trouble finding it, refer to the manual.

Use the pen again to slide the dip switches to the same combination you created for the receiver.

Put the panel back where the dip switches, and where the batteries go (it’s a good idea to also install fresh batteries at this time, if you haven’t already).

Now, you can restore the power to the area at the circuit breaker panel.

Turn the fan on or off. The remote should be able to control the fan no problem on the new frequency.



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  • April 6, 2022 at 10:24 pm

    I lost a remote and bought a replacement. However I do not know where to locate and access the dip suites on the receiver ! It is a Hampton Bay 5 blade fan WITH A DOME TYPE LIGHT BELOW THE BLADES I have watched many videos but none show my fan and I have no idea of the model # . I need to see dip switch positions on receiver so I can position remote dips to match . I do not want to have to remove the entire assembly, motor etc .
    Any help in layman’s terms ?


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