Harbor Breeze Bradbury Ceiling Fan Manual

Recently we had a site visitor ask, where can I find a light kit for the Harbor Breeze Bradbury ceiling fan? The site visitor had purchased a Bradbury ceiling fan from their local retailer, and it didn’t come with the light kit.

Finding parts for Harbor Breeze fans can certainly be a challenge. Unfortunately, the parts are not readily available online outside of the major retailers. These major retailers, as an example would be Wal-Mart. Trying to find individual parts can be a challenge. It is likely best that this site visitor simply return the fan and let them know it didn’t come with the light. Trying to find the light outside of the retail channel means that you need to call Harbor Breeze customer support and ask them if they are able to ship a light. It would likely be best to put this request through their warranty support, since it’s something that didn’t come with all the parts at time of purchase. However, with that being said, it is likely they will tell you to return the Bradbury Ceiling Fan to the store which it was purchased from as it will still fall under the initial store purchase timeline – up until 30 days, and at that point the manufacturer will say “well why didn’t you look into this sooner when you knew it was a problem, right?”

Harbor Breeze Bradbury Ceiling Fan Manual – PDF Download

The manual can be helpful to find parts when required, however in this instance the manual does not have part numbers in order to help find the part. Whether this is by design or not is yet to be seen. If you’re looking for the Harbor Breeze Bradbury Ceiling Fan Manual you can find it here.

Are you frustrated trying to find the manual for your Harbor Breeze Bradbury ceiling fan? We don’t use any deceptive tactics like other websites out there. When you click the above link, it will take you right to the PDF that you can download. We host the manuals ourselves, because if we linked to other websites they simply display the PDF in a frame. They don’t give their site visitors the actual ability to download the PDF, print it, or be able to interact with it. We don’t use deceptive tactics here – just the ability to obtain the manual, that’s it!


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