Harbor Breeze Santa Ana Ceiling Fan Recall

The Harbor Breeze Santa Ana fan faced a recall in February of 2020. The reason for the recall: the blade holders on the fan can break. Should this happen, it can cause the blades to be ejected from the fan. Approximately 70,000 units were recalled as part of this concern.

Has anyone been hurt by a Harbor Breeze Santa Ana ceiling fan?

Yes. Approximately 210 reports were made to the United States Consumer Production Safety Division. Of those 210 complaints, approximately 10 were reports of a consumer being hit by a fan blade.
Recalled Harbor Breeze Santa Ana Ceiling Fan
This is what the Santa Ana fan looks like. If you have this fan, this picture will seem pretty familiar to you. If you do have a recalled Santa Ana fan, we recommend contacting Fanim Industries about it right away (contact details below).

What is the model number of the Santa Ana Ceiling Fan?

LP8294LBN, UPC code 840506599178

How do I act on the recall or reach out to the fan manufacturer of my Santa Ana fan? How do I contact Fanim Industries?

If you purchased a Harbor Breeze Santa Ana fan between May 2014 and January 2016 (priced at approximately $150 USD) then you need to contact Fanimation (the manufacturer) with the below contact details. They will send you a new set of free replacement blade holders.
If you have this fan, stop using the fan right away and place the call:

Fanim Industries toll-free at 888-434-3797 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, email at recall at fanimation.com or online at www.FANIMATION.com and click on Recalls for more information.

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