Replacement remote UC7080T for Harbor Breeze and Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

Are you trying to find a remote that is compatible, or a replacement to UC7080T? This is a commonly sought after remote when it comes to Hampton Bay, as well as Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. The good news here is that there is plenty of options. In terms of replacements, we have both original OEM models available, as well as aftermarket remotes. What’s the difference, you ask? Original OEM replacement remote UC7080T means that it’s the same one you would obtain from factory. So, when you bought your ceiling fan, UC7080T came with the fan. This was produced in the factory and shipped with your Harbor Breeze or Hampton Bay ceiling fan.

An aftermarket, or third party version of UC7080T almost exists as well – many versions. The responsibility falls on the consumer, to determine the best way forward – is it to purchase an OEM replacement, or an aftermarket replacement for the UC7080T remote? We’ll help you to make that decision here. Ultimately, one of the main concerns is of course compatibility. If you purchase a replacement remote for your UC7080T ceiling fan remote control, is the replacement that you’re purchasing going to work with your ceiling fan? This is of course the primary question that you need to know. We will try to guide you through this process as much as possible, in order to answer this question.

Replacement remote for Harbor Breeze UC7080T
Replacement remote for UC7080T

This is a replacement remote for the original UC7080T, or CHQ7080T part numbers. The remote needs a 9 volt battery. This package does not include a receiver, so if replacing your remote does not solve the problem, you may want to look at a universal remote control and receiver kit instead. One of the things you should do here is line up this remote with your existing remote. This remote has three speeds – low, medium, high. Because this remote works for other original OEM remotes then just UC7080T & CHQ7080T, you can use it for other remotes and other brands too – just again, make sure the speed settings line up or the remote won’t be compatible. 

You’ll need to line up the dipswitches on this remote with the dipswitches on your receiver. There are 4 dipswitches inside of this remote. One way to line up the dipswitches here is to look inside of your old remote. Remove the battery cover, and set the dip switches on the new remote to be the same as the existing remote. Unless someone has previously removed the battery cover and made some changes to the dip switch settings, the settings will be correct. Same thing with the receiver inside of the fan. Because the receiver inside of the fan is much more difficult to get to, it is very unlikely that the dip switches inside of the receiver will be altered in any way.

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