How to open a Hunter fan remote

For the most part, if you’re looking to open a Hunter ceiling fan remote – then you want to access the batteries. Right? Removing the back cover should be relatively simple. Generally, there’s an indent or an arrow that shows you which direction to move the battery cover in, in order to pop it off and expose the batteries. It shouldn’t take you more then a minute or two to gain access to the battery compartment. If you are searching for where the dip switches are located, they’re also generally in the battery compartment as well. If you need to program the dip switches, or are troubleshooting dip switches this is the best place to look in order to find them.

I cannot open my Hunter fan remote

If you cannot open the Hunter fan remote – why? Sometimes this can happen if the remote becomes sticky. Say for instance juice, milk or something else was spilled on the remote. If you have little ones running around at home, maybe they did this! Possible, right? For sure. If the remote feels sticky, try cleaning it off with a damp cloth to remove whatever was spilled on it. Using a paper towel also works to remove any stickiness, moisture or other. Once the remote is dry and clean, try removing the battery cover again to gain access to the remote.

I want to open my Hunter fan remote to gain access to the electronics inside

If this is the case, you’ll need to go deeper then simply removing the battery cover. Look for screws on the remote, which will allow to access the electronics and logic boards inside of the remote. In terms of going down this path, you should have some knowledge of electronics and soldering if you are planning to try and repair the remote. You’ll also need a multimeter, to see where the break is in the circuit.

With all of this being said, it may be cheaper to simply replace the remote. Many Hunter remotes as well as universal Hunter ceiling fan remotes are available on the market, and they are generally inexpensive. If you have a lot of free time, sure go ahead. But if you are like the rest of us and time itself can be at a premium, it may be worthwhile to simply replace the remote for a modest $20-$40 and be on your way to having use of your ceiling fan again.

Hunter Universal Remote – $59.99

Hunter Universal Fan Remote 99116
Here’s an example of a Hunter universal fan remote. Like most universal remotes, this one comes with a receiver too. So you have to install the receiver into the fan housing. This isn’t difficult though, and can convert most fans. It’s extremely useful if your remote is no longer working at all and you simply want to replace it.


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