Harbor Breeze Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control and Receiver Kit

This universal ceiling fan remote control is made specifically for Harbor Breeze and Hampton Bay ceiling fans. With that being said, this remote and receiver kit will also work with other regular fans as well. With this remote, you can control up to three different speeds. However, the receiver does not have a reverse function – this is important, so please bear that in mind. Not having a reverse functions means that you won’t be able to do reverse functions on the fan. This means that the fan won’t be able to do a function. If you are unsure of how cooling vs warming works with clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, you can read more information about seasonal ceiling fan use here.

The transmitter (remote) and receiver have a way of pairing: using dip switches. In order for the remote to talk to the receiver, the dip switches need to be set the same way. Dip switches are mostly generic and all operate the same way. Each dip switch has a setting of either on or off. The dip switches need to be set in the same fashion on both sides; if not then the remote will never communicate with the receiver and vice versa.

Harbor Breeze Universal Remote Control and Receiver Kit
If you cannot find the exact match to the receiver and remote control that came with your fan, a universal remote control kit is often a very cost effective solution. Sourcing original parts can take a lot of time. Why not buy a universal kit, since they’re only $20-25 USD. This saves you a lot of time, and chances of compatibility are generally high if this kit matches your brand.


Replacing your receiver and remote control with a universal kit makes total sense, when you can’t find the specific remote and/or receiver that came with the fan. In many cases, you simply cannot get, locate or source the exact part that came with your fan (like the one from the factory). To this end, a universal replacement makes a lot of sense. If you simply are unable to source an original replacement, why not consider a universal kit which is inexpensive. Even if it does not work, you’ve only spent $20 or so dollars – not a big deal. However, if you find this universal remote and receiver kit does not work with your fan, please let us know by leaving a comment or posting on the remote control technical support forum. We’ll be happy to hear from you, and update our information so as to help other site visitors.

How to Replace the Ceiling Fan Remote Control and Receiver

Replacing the receiver isn’t too difficult. You actually don’t need to remove the ceiling fan completely from the ceiling, or take the fan down. If you’d like to learn how to quickly and efficiently do this, here is a step by step guide to replacing a ceiling fan receiver. It shouldn’t’ take too long, and generally only consists of 2-4 wires maximum. With the above remote and receiver kit only costing about $25 USD or so, you can’t go wrong. Once you’ve replaced your receiver, you’ll realize how easy it is! It does not take much time at all, and you don’t need to be an electrician to make this work. Just read our guides and watch a couple videos, and we’re certain you can figure this out on your own!


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  • April 20, 2022 at 2:44 am

    Our Harbor Breeze Hugger ceiling fan is not working at all. We have to use the wall switch which activates the lights in the fan and the fan. The fan will not run without the light on. Very annoying at night. I can’t find the manual and the Model # FT3017A does not seem to have an instruction manual available online. Help


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