Heritage M52UL Ceiling Fan – Where to find manual & instructions

We recently had a site visitor ask, I need help with my Heritage M52UL Ceiling Fan Remote. I cannot find a replacement, and I cannot find instructions or the manual for the M52UL Fan Remote. What should I do?

One of the challenges you’ll immediately find when looking for anything for a Heritage ceiling fan, is that there is multiple manufacturers that have a “Heritage fan” model. So it can be a challenge to find the actual Heritage fan and find parts for the fan. When looking at Home Depot or Amazon, they don’t appear to have parts readily available for an actual brand name or manufacturer that is called Heritage fans. We also checked Wayfair, Walmart, and Home Hardware. None of them seem to have Heritage parts readily available on their website.

Heritage M52UL Ceiling Fan Features:

  • 20 Inch Blades
  • Bulb Socket – LH02M

The first thing is that we have looked up the manual for the Heritage ceiling fan by Casablanca, and we have the manual available below. If you are looking for this manual, this should help you to find replacement part numbers.

Carro Smart Home Technology Heritage Fans
Carro Smart Home Technology Heritage Fans

Here is the manual for the Heritage smart ceiling fan – this is a manual for how to install the Heritage smart ceiling fan, by Carro Smart Home Technology. This guide can likely be used to install other fans as well:

Concord Heritage Square Ceiling Fan Manual

If that is not the manual you’re looking for, you might not also be looking for the Heritage Square 52HES or +52HES ceiling fan manuals. Below we have these manuals available as well. If these manuals were helpful for you, please let us know by posting a comment on the website. If these are not the manuals you are looking for, please let us know and we will do our best to find the manual that you need.

Casablanca Heritage Ceiling Fan
Casablanca Heritage Ceiling Fan

Here is the following details you will find in the manual:

  • Warnings to acknowledge before you start – such as turning off the electricity, having an outlet put in if needed, and ensuring there is minimum clearance from the wall, ceiling and floor
  • Where not to mount the ceiling fan (do not mount in places of high humidity) or it may void the warranty
  • Lubrication of this fan is not required
  • How to install the fan
    • Attach the mounting bracket
    • Attach the support assembly
    • How to hang the fan
    • How to wire the ceiling fan – wiring colors that you will see and where to attach them
    • Attach the blades and the blade arm assembly
    • Installation of light fixture
    • Final checks
  • Operating instructions
  • How to perform maintenance on the fan
Concord Ceiling Fans Heritage Square Manual


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