What remote do I need for my TV?

1. How to find your model number on the back of your TV

Look on the back of your TV, you are looking for a white square. There will be listed your model number and the serial number. You want to record the model number.

Where to find the model number and serial number on the back of your TV? As they say, an image is worth a million words. This is a pretty good outline of where you can find the model number. Most TVs have a square on the back like this for identifying information like model and serial numbers.

2. Do you still have the original remote that came with the TV? If so, look inside where the batteries go, or on the bottom of the remote for a model number

Oh no the dog ate my user’s manual! Bad dog. What’s he good for anyways? Just kidding, good boy Rover. Now bring me that ripped up receipt or whatever you have in your mouth.

Dog ate remote control manual

3. You can also find the TV model number inside of the owner’s manual. If your manual is ripped up you can still usually find it inside the front cover

The owner’s manual is oh so so helpful (if you still have it). You’re probably going to hear this a lot – or you did already, as you’ve been googling forever trying to find some information that you need. The good part is you can typically find your manual available for download from the manufacturer website, if you no longer have it. So if your TV is a Samsung TV (as an example) you can go on the Samsung website, look for the model number and then look through the downloadable PDF files that are available on the manufacturer website. Typically you can find a manual this way for almost any electronics out there today. All you need is the model number information and you’re off to the races.


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