What to do when you lose the remote

Having some trouble with a lost remote? Trust us, it happens a lot. This is probably one of the key reasons why site visitors come here to find a replacement remote. No matter what kind of remote you need, we can help. When you lose your remote, make sure you check all of the usual culprits.

  • Is it under the couch?
  • Inbetween the couch cushions or stuck inside of the couch
  • Dog took the remote away to chew on it
  • Kids took the remote – ask them
  • Remote was dropped behind a table or desk

Buying a replacement factory remote

For some brands, like Samsung as an example, buying a replacement remote is no sweat. $11 bucks for a Samsung remote. Always check compatibility when purchasing a replacement remote, and keep in mind that remotes are most compatible with other remotes of the same brand. For example, you would expect better results buying an LG remote for an LG TV, then you would from a remote of another TV brand.

Phillips Universal Remote Control
This Phillips universal TV remote works with many brands like Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Sharp, and others. For $12, it’s an excellent deal as you’d spend the same amount on just a factory remote.

Now, with that being said, you also can weigh this against purchasing a universal TV remote. If you have a whole lot of devices that you’d like to replace the remotes for, and have just one remote instead, you may consider investing in a universal TV remote. Look for one that is made by the same manufacturer of your TV, for best results. Read through the compatibility details to see if it will be compatible with your other devices as well. Sometimes spending a little more on a universal remote can be worthwhile, especially if you have three or more remotes that you’re constantly having to switch between. Worse yet is the dread sensation of losing remotes. Perhaps you don’t have a good place to set them down, or they get left in places by the kids (or your significant other). In any case, minimizing the number of remotes is always a good idea. Why have five or six remotes when you can use just one.

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