Ceiling Fan Smart App

If you would like to control your ceiling fan with your smart phone, then you can download an app to control your ceiling fan. This will use the IR transmitter built into your fan. IR is infra-red. If you have an Android phone, then you’ll be searching on the Google play store for a ceiling fan remote app. When you do, be aware that there are many apps on the Google play store that all claim to be able to control your ceiling fan. However, there are many that are full of advertisements and may not actually be able to control the fan. So make sure you read reviews before installing an app, to see which ones work and which ones don’t.

For example, when looking around one of the more popular remote control apps that are available is called “Universal Remote Control – Lean Remote. At the time of this writing, this remote ranks 4.5 /5 stars. It has approximately 60,000 downloads. With this high of a rating, you’d think it has excellent reviews. However if you delve in a little, you’ll find that it does not control ceiling fans, but does control many other things. The description says it works with many electronics and home appliances, but not ceiling fans. Some reviews from users say it does not work with their Pixel phone, while others state that it works with top brands only and that’s it. For many, that’s still OK assuming you have a top brand. It can be difficult though to know whether the app will actually work for your device until the time it’s installed and you try it out.

Ceiling Fan Remote Control App for Android
Having an easy to use interface with an app for Android, that will control your ceiling fan is certainly convenient. If your remote stops working, simply downloading an app like this may be a smart alternative to searching for a new remote.

Some ceiling fans have come onto the market lately. These can be controlled via smart phone, using Siri if you have an iPhone. Or if you have Alexa, you can control through that. Hunter ceiling fans in particular have introduced an offering of “smart fans” that offer a technology called HomeKit. These fans will work with iPhone and are certified by Apple – no small feat, right? They work with virtual assistants. So if you have a Google Home device, like a Google Home mini, you can tell Google “Hey Google, set fan speed to low.” If you like to control your music, lights and fans in the home with a virtual assistant, then this set up may be the right way to go for your home and family.

Another idea is a fan from a company called Haiku. This manufacturer have a Wi-Fi receiver built into the fan. There are sensors that allow the fan to turn on when certain conditions occur, such as the temperature rising or if there is motion in the vicinity.

Which ceiling fan remote app works best for you?

We’d love to hear from our site visitors. If you have downloaded a ceiling fan remote control app, please do tell us about it by leaving a comment. We understand that some work great, while others not so much. There’s a number of issues you can run into. One that many site visitors report is that there is tons of advertisements in the app they have downloaded. Often with free apps, you may find (whether it’s on Android or with iPhone) that there are a lot of advertisements in the app. This tends to happen because developers need a way to earn from their app. There is a lot of time, work, even money potentially wrapped up in the development of said app. So the builders are always trying to earn back some of that time and money invested into the development of the application. The other challenge can be that the application may be buggy or not work great. If you find this, one thing you can try doing is write an e-mail to the application development team, related to the app you have downloaded.

With that being said, there’s so many applications available floating around out there all with different developers, the easiest thing to do is simply to try another app. This is what most people do and sometimes you have more success with this. Now, with that being said, if you have found an app that works very well, and you’d like to just see some additional features added into the app, then writing the team that has developed that application may be the right way to go. On the contrary, if an app is completely broken it’s likely not worth your time to invest more time, by writing a letter to the dev team(s).

Please note, we are not affiliated with any developers that write programs for iPhone or Android. This is a third party page that attempts to assist site visitors only, who are looking for support with finding a ceiling fan remote control app that works well.

Ceiling Fan Apps on Google Play Store

The app you will download onto your Android phone will be dependent on the manufacturer of the fan, in some cases. For example, if you purchase fan by Haiku, you can download and install the Haiku app on your Android phone. Also, some ceiling fans – for example, some fans from Minka Aire, will be compatible with the Bond. We wrote a review of the Bond application, which can connect and control settings using your voice. Using an Android or iPhone app is sometimes preferable as you can control your fan from another room. Typically, these apps work over Wi-Fi – so you still have to be in the same house. If the app is in the cloud, then you can be anywhere and control your ceiling fan. But who needs that capability, right?

Haiku Ceiling Fan Remote App
This is what the Haiku app looks like on the Apple Store. You can download it to control your ceiling fan remotely.