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So, what’s the benefit of using a remote control app over using a remote? Well, there are plenty. The first benefit is of course, not having to use a remote. Right? If you’re using your phone app, you won’t have a problem with losing the remote – unless you lose your phone! The other thing that’s nice about using a phone app, is that it’s generally hardware agnostic. Meaning that, you can only control the Samsung TV with certain remotes, or universal remotes. However, the phone app is indiscriminate – it’ll work with your Samsung TV!  Of course, that’s assuming your TV is compatible.

This remote app works with Samsung K-Series Tizen TVs, with a manufacturing date of 2016 or later.

To make this app work properly with your TV, follow the below directions:

  • In the settings on the TV, look for the “all share” settings. You have to allow the phone app in this setting pane
  • If connecting the app to your TV for the first time, accept the permission message that appears on the TV.
  • If by accident you refused the message on the TV, you can fix this. Go to menu—> network–> All share settings (or Menu/Tools depending on your model)—> Network –> Expert settings —> mobile device manager

On a final note, your TV and mobile device (phone where the app is installed) must be connected to the same network. If you don’t have wifi at home, this is obviously a problem and this method will not work. If you are confused about how WIFI works, or not sure if you have a WIFI network in your home, read our article about setting up your own home network.

This app is not made by us, and is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung or any other developers.

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