Why does the Roku remote not work?

Has your Roku remote stopped working? We’ll help you to troubleshoot that problem here on Remote Control Place.

The Roku is a popular streaming device. With a Roku box, you can gain access to streaming services like Netflix, Disney, and others. Roku also sometimes is “baked in” to a smart TV that you may purchase. In both cases, troubleshooting is possible. With the hardware Roku box, there is more troubleshooting that is “hands on” e.g is the problem with the box, or with the remote. Does the Roku box come on at all? Do you get a splash screen and the device boots up properly – or does the box not turn on at all?

Roku Voice RemoteRoku Voice Remote

With the Roku Voice Remote, you can use your voice to search through TV shows and movies for what you want. Just imagine the amount of time that this remote could help you save – that’s time you can spend actually watching your favorite movies and TV shows. If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time browsing and searching, trying to find something. You can stop all that searching with voice functions.

With the Roku software that is loaded onto your TV, the troubleshooting is more related to the software with less hands on application. If the application stops working, you can simply try reloading it. The procedure to do this will differ from TV to TV.

We would recommend to try the following step by step troubleshooting for your Roku & Roku remote:

  1. As with most other remote control problems, try replacing the batteries on the remote first.
  2. Check the wireless key.
  3. If your unit is still under warranty, you should reach out to Roku customer service. Not sure if your Roku is under warranty or not? Roku provides warranty from one year of date of purchase.
  4. If your Roku is still in warranty and replacing the batteries has not solved the problem, reach out to Roku customer service next. They will likely replace the remote.
  5. Try downloading the Roku remote app (on your iPhone or Android device). If that can communicate with your Roku device and your remote will not, then you know it’s a problem with your remote and not the Roku device itself.

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