Universal TV Remote Controls

Losing the remote for your TV is likely one of the most frustrating things that can happen. Many TVs produced in today’s modern age must have the remote in order to operate the TV. If you cannot find the remote, you effectively cannot operate the TV. More frustrating, is you may want to use a video game console, a Roku or an Android Box. However, without the remote you often cannot get to that all important “input” button – the one that will change the input on the TV to the one you need, in order to use your external device.

Many TVs now also are smart TVs, so if you can’t find the remote you’re not able to access Disney Plus, NetFlix, Amazon Prime, etc. Most of us now use at least one streaming service (if not multiple ones) in our day to day lives. Thus, replacing the TV remote becomes a higher priority then it ever used to be. It used to be that losing the cable remote was a big deal, now it’s more the TV remote is a bigger deal. This is because statistically, more and more TV watchers tend to move away from cable TV year over year. Cable TV is full of commercials, which we don’t need to watch when we pay for a streaming service. Streaming services also put what we want to watch right in front of us, allowing us to choose what we want on demand – instead of what the cable or TV providers want to push onto viewers, in terms of day to day viewing and scheduling. With an on demand service, there’s no longer a schedule. But you probably know all of this already!

Using a Universal TV remote, you can not only control the TV but potentially other devices as well. Replacing your TV remote is one thing, but the secondary step is also knowing the universal TV remote programming codes as well that go with. These codes are manufacturer, and sometimes model specific, so finding the right programming code is a lot easier when all of the information is in one place. We have all of the programming codes for different TV manufacturers listed here on this website.