GE Backlit Universal Remote Control

GE is a leading manufacturer in universal remote controls! This universal GE backlit remote control works with all major manufacturers. The remote control is fully backlit. This is nice when you want to watch TV in the dark. You don’t need to turn the lights on in order to see the remote. It also looks sleek and cool with blue LED backlighting. These remotes work with audio and video devices. These include things like DVD players, Roku boxes, TVs, Blu-ray, DVD players, streaming media players and many more.

If you are looking for GE’s technical support phone number, you can reach them at 1-800-654-8483.

Note: The GE Backlit universal remote control does not work with the following devices:

  • Roku streaming fire stick or other RF streaming devices

The GE remote is compatible with the following brands:

  • Supports thousands of brands such as Samsung

At a price of only $10.68 USD, this remote is an excellent buy. At this price it actually costs less then some of the original factory remotes that you may find out there on the market.

GE Backlit Universal Remote Control Reviews


 GE Backlit Universal Remote Control

  • Easily find buttons in the dark or in a room where the dimmer is in use. The LEDs on the remote are a soft blue. The finish of the remote is a sleek, stylish silver
  • Operate up to four audio/video components at the same time
  • Simple set up – Works with all major brands, which means it will work with thousands of AV components. Easy set up means less time spent setting up the remote to work with your TV, blu-ray, cable receiver and so on.

Why does the GE universal remote control not work with the Amazon fire stick?

The reason it will not work with the Amazon fire stick is because the fire stick does not work through IR – infra red. It will work with the Fire TV cube.

Does this remote have a learning feature?

No, it does not have a learning feature. If you are looking for a learning feature, look for the GE 24958 remote.