Samsung Universal TV Remote

Samsung is a top brand name when it comes to TV’s. Their TV products are long lasting, durable, and the picture quality is generally excellent. Samsung also makes refrigerators, monitors, cell phones, watches, and likely some other electronics and appliances that we’ve missed. Samsung is a good name in this sector. At the time of this writing in 2021, Samsung’s latest TV expedition is QLED 8K televisions (when it comes to TVs, anyways). As with most appliances and electronics, being able to interact with your Samsung TV can be difficult if you lose the remote control.

Just put in batteries and you’re off to the races! If you need a Samsung universal TV remote to work with your Samsung TV, then you’ve come to the right place!

Works like your original remote did because it’s made by Samsung. Be careful of purchasing knock off remotes by companies that may look like Samsung, but aren’t Samsung. If you’re purchasing a universal remote, look at good brand names like Logitech.

All features work right out of the box but: will operate smart apps etc. if your TV has that functionality. If you do not have a smart TV, this button will not work!

Return policy – check the return policy of the product after clicking on the product link.

Samsung Factory TV Remote
This is generally what a Samsung TV remote looks like. This is a very standard design from Samsung; many of their remotes from factory look exactly like this. Buying a replacement isn’t too bad – $11 dollars.






















Note: Samsung is it’s own company and does not have an affiliation with this website.

How to program your Samsung Television (TV) with a Samsung Universal TV Remote

Use the following directions to program your Samsung TV. This includes programming Samsung LCD TV, LCD, LED and even Samsung Plasma TV. Samsung Plasma TVs are no longer in production but have the same functionality / setup

  • Be sure your remote is able to have clear line of sight to the front of the TV during setup.
  • Using your remote, press and hold the PROG or program button until the LED on the remote turns on, then press the INFO button.
  • The LED on the remote will blink slowly to show that it is now ready to be paired (the remote is in pairing mode).
  • Enter the 3-digit code that appears on your TV screen with the keys on your remote.
  • If the numbers are entered correctly, then your TV will show a “Success” message.
  • If the numbers are not entered properly, your TV will show Sorry, the entry was incorrect.
  • You can try again if failed, by entering the displayed code again.

Samsung TV Programming Codes for Universal Remotes

3 digit remote universal TV programming code for Samsung Remotes:


4 digit remote universal TV programming codes for Samsung Remotes: